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Plant Functional Morphology and Ecology Education
No Child Left Indoors


The courses I teach are experiential, investigative, and promote hands-on learning where process skills and content are balanced and integrated. Lectures, seminars, and laboratories feature inquiry-based instructional methods because research clearly shows students have higher achievement and improved attitudes in science, process skills development, and problem solving ability in an inquiry setting.  All courses, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, are created to foster substantive collaborative group work that builds on application of individual knowledge and skills. Assessment strategies are designed to be practical and reflect actual learning experiences. By integrating these elements into my courses, my goal is to train students who are creative, skilled scientists, flexible thinkers, able to work collaboratively with colleagues, and apply their biological knowledge in new ways to diverse problems.


Biology 101/102 - Principles of Biology and lab

Biology 103/104 - Diversity of Life and lab

Biology 316 - Plant Form and Function

Biology 499 - Field Ecology of Patagonia

Biology 495 - Ecology of Patagonia Seminar

Biology 495 - Women's Lives in Science

Biology 502 - Teaching Biology for Graduate Students

Biology 595 - Conservation and Ecological Education Seminar