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Plant Functional Morphology and Ecology Education
No Child Left Indoors

Current and Former Students

Current Students

Alison Perkins Ph.D. Candidate
Forestry and Conservation

Brooke McBride Ph.D. Candidate
Forestry and Conservation

Jen Marangelo M.S. Candidate
Interdisciplinary Studies

Carl Rosier Ph.D. Candidate (co-advised with Mathias Rhillig)
Microbial Ecology


Postdoctoral Associates

Kerry Bright Ph.D.,
Evolution Education

Elaine Caton Ph.D.,
Ecology Education

Completed Students

Kim Notin M.S.,
International Forestry 2006

Rachel Loehman Ph.D.,
Forestry and Conservation 2006
Modeling Interactions among Climate, Landscape, and Emerging Diseases: a Hantavirus Case Study (co-advised with Steve Running)

Cecilia Nuñez Ph.D.,
Biology 2005
Physiological ecology of male and female trees of Austrocedrus chilensis along a moisture gradient in Patagonian Argentina

Bethany Swanson M.S.,
Environmental Studies 2005
Using photovoice to examine students’ connection to place: The Willard Photovoice Project

Aimee Wyrick M.S.,
Biology 2004
Demography of the Columbia Spotted Frog (Rana luteiventris) in the presence or absence of fish in the Absoroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Montana

Matt Erickson M.S.,
Environmental Studies 2003
The Teton Crest Education Program

Kim Olson M.S.T.,
Biology 2003 (co-advised with L. Blank, School of Education)
Building ecological literacy through ornithology-based fieldtrips: experiences from an educational program in Patagonia

Scott Pankratz M.S.,
Environmental Studies 2000
Partners in conservation education: scientists, students, and sea turtles in Costa Rica

Chris Wall M.S.,
Environmental Studies 2000
Regeneration of subalpine Nothofagus pumilio in northwestern Patagonia, Argentina

K Warner M.S.T.,
Biology 2000
Planning for restoration of Slevin’s Island at Fort Missoula: pilot study and mapping curriculum

Maartin Schreuder Ph.D.,
Biology 2000
The effects of oxidative air pollutants on plant cuticles, cuticular transpiration, plant water balance, and growth

Chip Langmaid M.S.T.,
Biology 2000
Evolutionary change as a theme for a high school biology course: a literature review and thematic unit

Janie Chodish M.S.,
Environmental Studies 1999
Environmental education in Oaxaca, Mexico: Attitudes and schoolyard-based environmental inquiries

Marian Hourdequin M.S.,
Biology 1999
Ecological restoration after removal of exotic conifer plantations in Argentine Patagonia’s Nahuel Huapi National Park

Michael Cooperman M.S.,
Biology 1997
The process of mid-channel alluvial island formation as inferred from plant distribution patterns on islands of the Swan River, Northwest Montana.

Carol Snetsinger M.S.T.,
Biology 1997
Capture the wind: a wind energy curriculum for middle and high school students